USA PALS – Real Estate Strategic Partnership FAQs

What is it about?

We’re inviting like-minded investors to form strategic partnerships and co-invest with us in buying up large depressed USA commercial real estate.

We are not property sellers, agents or a middle-man receiving commissions for selling some properties to you.  You and we are direct co-buyers for the property acquisition deal.

How does it work?

We operate as a private member group, so instead of having 1 owner, each property will have a number of owners, anything between 5 and 10.

Otherwise unconnected individuals, families or friends can form private syndicates to purchase large-scale real estate deals traditionally reserved for large institutional buyers.

The property title or deed are legally divided into shares according to each individual’s equity contribution,  creating a company which owns the property then allowing multiple owners or investors to own shares in the company.

So if, for example, you’ve a 1/10th ownership of a USD$2m property with a 60% loan Loan-To-Value, then you and 9 other people own the property for just USD$80,000 each.

Why partner with USA PALS?

Firstly, it is an easy way for aspiring property investors to ‘dip their toe in the water’. Savvy property investors are looking to spread their risk and limit their exposure in foreign property sometimes – but would still like to get a foothold into the foreign property market, but on a larger scale now.

You’ll have the exclusive opportunity to be invited to work and partner with USA accredited local investors with more than 35 years of market knowledge and expertise.

How different is it to others?

It’s totally different. You will actually own a share of the property as a direct co-buyer, whereas with others you are either simply buying into unit trusts with no legal approval and recourse, or you are simply buying back from the salesperson.

We share same risks and profits with you so, for example we put our own money in the deal with you unlike the many others who don’t. Therefore, you can be well-assured we’ll look after every investor’s investment interests.

Is it legal?

Yes. It is similar to a standard property purchase. Your name is registered in a company that owns the property and you also get a share certificate of the company you own.

Standard legal partnership and management agreements will be drawn out with every owner’s approval.

What’s the ownership experience for foreign property investors?

The foreign investors don’t really have to do anything, same as the local investors. Our foreign partners who are the local experts handle all the management including paying the mortgage, if we have one. We also transfer the rent income directly into your account.  Only thing the investor has to do on their own is keep up with their personal taxes.

For more information on USA PALS Real Estate Strategic Partnership, kindly Email and we will get back to you shortly.