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Gerald Tay, Career Real Estate Investor, Author and Coach

25th March – 26th March 2017

Find out where Singapore Property is and where it’s headed –



Smart Property Investment Group

Our USPIP Strategic-Walk-the-Ground Group Photo
(Gerald Tay is in green-tee with son)

Property Investment Strategy

Gerald Tay (Back-Facing in Green Tee), sharing his insights & de-brief for

workshop activities

Are you READY to CAPITALISE and TAKE ADVANTAGE of a RARE once-in-every-10-year PROFIT opportunity in the fast-changing property market… or are you letting the opportunity fly past you again because you’re unsure?

Greetings Gerald,

Opportunities arise from crises.

You’ve probably heard this a hundred times; the Chinese characters for crisis is 危机 … which literally translates to crisis + opportunity.
Is there something brewing in the property market?
No one knows 100%.
But what’s within your control, is to get ready.

Property prices are coming down and you must be deciding when & where to enter or re-enter the property market.

I’m inviting SMART property buyers and investors who wants to be in a stronger position to SEE – - and SEIZE – - the FUTURE for upcoming area-specific opportunities! 

Target Audience

  1. Experienced investors of private properties
  2. Aspiring property investors
  3. First-time buyers of private properties

Day 1

  1. Expectations Vs Reality – Cold Hard Truths
  2. Real Case Studies – Is Property a ‘Guaranteed’ Win?
  3. Excercise - Property Clock: The Buy/Sell/Hold Phases
  4. Future Headwinds and Opportunites
  5. Area-specific opportunities for profit in next 10 years and beyond
  6. Excercise - Establish a powerful Property Investment System
  7. Excercise - How to buy and manage income-generating properties

Day 2

  1. Excercise - How to apply Time-Value of Money for Property: IRR, NPV, Present/Future Values, Cashflow, Amortisation, Compound Interest, Inflation
  2. Excercise - How to calculate ROI correctly for property
  3. Excercise - How to derive property maximum price without overpaying
  4. Excercise - How to spot important profitability ratios of your property
  5. The Art of Property Co-Investment
  6. Excercise - Strategic Walk-The-Ground (Min 2 hours)

Here are just some of the BONUSES you are going to LEARN & DO in this 2-Day workshop:


Strategic Walk-the-Ground Session with Gerald Tay (2-hour Street Session)

Learn and Experience REAL street diligence of successful property buyers/investors.

walk the ground

In this bonus session, you will learn…

  • How to conduct proper street-due diligence
  • Determine your prospective tenants on the streets
  • Best time/day to conduct street due diligence
  • Mould your mind to see what your eyes cannot – Discover Gem Properties
  • Discover Underground Tips and Risks
  • And More!

[Note: Remember to bring your favourite walking shoes. Walk-the-Ground means walk the GROUND, not walk the “classroom”. We’ll do REAL visits to locations with area-specific opportunities for great property buys!]


Strategy Session with Gerald Tay

Learn to use SMART Strategy & Tactics to WIN wars, not just battles!


In this bonus session, you will learn…

  • Plan your winning Strategy – See & Seize the Future
  • How you can prepare to profit from market downturns
  • Ways to take advantage of tremendous buying opportunities in a fast changing property landscape
  • Area-specific opportunities for PROFIT in next 10 years and beyond
  • Key tactics when investing in property


Strategic Property Valuation Session with Gerald Tay

Learn the MATH behind your property and how it’ll keep you from buying a bad deal, which is more important than buying a good one!


In this bonus session, you will learn…

  • A simple method to decide if the property is worth investing within 20 minutes
  • How to derive maximum price without overpaying
  • How to calculate ROI correctly for property
  • How to spot profitability ratios of your property


Strategic Collaboration for Property Acquisitions (Local & Overseas)

No man is an island. SAFELY EXPAND your property portfolio and BUILD your wealth with the people you trust and know!

deal making

  • Learn the Art of Deal-Making - Learn HOW to form, manage and profit with joint-investors with YOUR very own strategic property partnership consortium for million-dollar property deals.
  • Or gain exclusive invitation for joint-partnerships in larger property deals with Gerald Tay. Be part of our network.
  • Become co-owner in multi-million dollar properties with Gerald Tay. 

The Future Belongs to Those Who Can Use the Past to See the Future, and Take Steps to PROFIT from it! 


Don’t get left behind! Go behind the scenes as I help you dig deep into the building blocks of the property market and help you get a clear idea of the strategies and techniques you require in order to make your property investment/buy a success.

Simply put, if you follow SMART advice, you’re certain to greet success sooner rather than later in your career!

This is an absolutely a MUST-ATTEND EVENT! You’ll walk away with priceless insight into:

  • Why opportunistic buys will make future property investors and buyers wealthier – and how you can join them!
  • When Gerald expects the property market to bottom and how you can prepare to profit from it.
  • Where Gerald plan to invest for the coming decade and beyond
  • The importance of building a roadmap to navigate safely around dangers of the property market.
  • What steps and tips for seizing the opportunities present in future.
  • How to own not only have a profitable property, but also a long term sustainable property that grows exponentially over the years.


Here’s what our Graduates are saying ..

Gerald and Jim after the workshop

“I would say that the workshop was worth attending as I learnt how Gerald, a true blue property investor, does his property investment. The method of property evaluation that he shared was not covered in other workshops that I had attended previously. It certainly provides food for thought and I have always picked up new knowledge whenever I attend courses or workshops. The case study gave us an actual investment that could let us relate to what was being taught. The knowledge could help us evaluated both local and overseas properties, though he stressed that it is important for us to be familiar with the area’s property market or to have very good partners who know the area well.

Personally, I feel that Gerald is quite a sincere person in sharing his property investment knowledge and his workshop fee is reasonable compared to industry standards.”

Jim blog at

Here’s what our Graduates are saying ..

Gerald and Shei Wah

“After attending Gerald’s workshop I was able to more than double the yield for my investment property from 3.2% to 7.8%!

In the current low interest/yield environment, many investors are flocking overseas into relative unknown, untested and unproven market when they really should be looking at something closer to home by revamping their current investment properties portfolio. Before the next crisis hits, I would strongly recommend every current and aspiring property owners to attend this course.”

Shei Wah


Here’s what our Graduates are saying ..

Vincent in Workshop

“I bought a property and converted it into a 6% net yield, immediately after attending Gerald’s workshop. Unlike many other ‘gurus’, Gerald’s practical , yet conservative strategy puts my money into actual work!”

Vincent Chua, Investment Banker

Here’s what our Graduates are saying ..

Patrick in Workshop

“I converted my current property from a 3% yield into a 6.5% net yield, immediately after attending Gerald’s workshop.”

Patrick Tan, Businessman

Dear Gerald

Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing with us all your private resources. I am genuinely touched by your humility and sincerity in helping us in our property investment journey. You are the only coach who taught me how to calculate the potential profit/loss, before a property purchase. Although I may not be buying a property any time soon, but with the knowledge I have gained from your 2-days’ workshop and walk about, I know I will make better decisions in my future property investments.

You are a good man, and I appreciate your down-to-earth approach towards everyone around you. I will not hesitate to recommend your workshop to anyone who’s seeking to embark on a property investment journey.

Once again, thank you, Gerald!

Tan Siew Hua, Executive Secretary/Investor

September 2015

Dear Gerald,

Thank you very much for selflessly sharing your valuable experience and pearls of wisdom in property investment with us over the weekend! It was for me an enriching and inspiring seminar. From the way you approach property investment, I can draw a parallel with how I approach value investing in stocks – the principles and steps are very similar. Previously, I’ve learnt from other seminars that ‘anytime is a good time to buy property’. However, after attending your seminar, I realised that this type of belief can be very dangerous, and probably does not hold true for most cases. The financial ratios were certainly useful, though I would need to spend some time to practise calculating them. The walk-about on the second day was a beneficial exercise, as it opened up my eyes to the real world of evaluating properties for investment.

On a side note, I can also sense that you are a person of high moral integrity and honesty, and a great family man.

Keep up the great work with CREI Academy and your property investments!

Eugene Tan, Dematologist

September 2015

Hi Gerald,

Thank you so much for the 2 days of valuable insights into our local property’s current and future scenario. You are generous to share details and it will certainly helped me in my journey.

The walkabout to Geylang changed my mindset about that place which has lots of gem awaiting to be taken.

Well done Gerald.

Selena Ong, Human Resource Manager

September 2015

ANYONE can build sustainable wealth in property… if they want it badly enough. This workshop will help you build your action plan to achieve your goals.

All you have to do is show up!

Hurry, seats are limited so reserve your seat now to avoid missing out!

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Workshop details

Date   : 25th March & 26th March 2017 (Saturday & Sunday)
Time   : 9.00 a.m. to 6 pm (Sat), 9.00 a.m to 6.30 p.m (Sun)
Venue : (Subject to change via email confirmation)
Trainer: Gerald Tay, Author of & Professional Investor
Fee     :$888/pax

*First 5 Sign-up before 2nd March 2017 ($688)

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About the Trainer

Gerald Tay, is the founder and coach at CREI Academy Group Pte Ltd, a neutral organization dedicated to empowering retail property investors with smarter investing philosophy and strategies.

Gerald bought his first investment property in 2003. By 2010, his portfolio of properties has doubled in value. He sold all properties (something he dreadfully regretted until today) for an average net compounded return of 20% – 25% per annum per property.

In 2011 and 2012, he consecutively bought 2 local properties. In 2013 and 2014, Gerald structured million-dollar commercial property deals with overseas partners. Today, he owns and co-owns million-dollar portfolio of overseas commercial and local properties.

His writings and property investment philosophy is highly-sought after by major property sites including Yahoo news, Property Guru & Singapore Property Weekly. He has been featured in Media Corp Channel 5 “Property Sense” to share his investment advice.


P.S. You get the BEST-VALUED Workshop! 

I want to prove to you that you, as a Smart Investor, can also have that opportunity as the wealthy, to learn how to own great investment properties without coughing out hefty course fees.

You can learn at very affordable prices and achieved your financial goals too!

P.P.S. Keep Your Credit Cards at Home!

This is Strictly Educational Workshop.

Our VALUE to You: There is No Selling of any products or investments during workshop.


Can’t wait to add tremendous value to you,



Gerald Tay