The Smart Investor Mini Course


The Smart Investor Mini Course

How to Value Property & Invest Smarter in Property

The ‘Smart’ Course let you Preview our highly demanded “Strategic Walk-the-Ground” property workshop:

1. “The Ultimate Smart Property Investor” 2-Day Workshop for ordinary folks and investors.

You’ll get to learn 5 of The 18 Irrefutable Laws of Property Investment for ordinary investors, and become a SMARTER investor/buyer.

2You’ll get to learn how to calculate yields correctly and analyse deals within 20 mins using dynamic numbers and property ratios.

Plus , receive a series of exclusive email course from Gerald Tay, Author of CREi and often termed as ‘The Common Sense’ Investor.

And you’ll learn:

  • How to PROTECT & PROFIT in property today despite high prices and cooling measures

  • How to analyse great property deals within 20 minutes using dynamic numbers

  • How to read market sentiment from dynamic numbers

  • How to VALUE property and make your very own SMART investment decisions

  • How can you, the ordinary investor, profit more by applying SMARTER strategies

  • and so much more…

You can Sign Up the Mini-Course simply by filling up your name and email at the side of this page. Look out for the Email for your Subscription Comfirmation.

Please check your inbox for a daily series of Mini Courses Once you Signed Up. Learn smarter, powerful and practical strategies at your own comfort.


CREi is COMMITTED to YOU & Your Investment Education.

We are excited to share with you more useful tips and updates on property investments and the local property market.

Transform your dreams into reality and increase your wealth to attain financial freedom.

Knowledge is Money. To have extra-ordinary investment growth, you must take extra-ordinary actions in the pursuit of knowledge and learning. Invest your time to learn first, then your money.

We highly recommend you join Gerald Tay in his highly demanded Workshops to advance your property investment knowledge and skills. – You can Choose to be Smarter!

All our graduates have gained MASSIVE VALUE and have since DOUBLED their property investment confidence and know-hows.

Gerald Tay’s  Workshops are exclusively designed for the ordinary investor to help create a SUSTAINABLE life-long wealthy financial future, withstand the ups and downs of the volatile property market and provide enough passive income for financial freedom.

We hope you’ll enjoy CREi’s articles and use the information to enhance your property investment success – and become SMARTER!

To your smarter investment success,

CREi Academy Group


Here’s What People Are Saying..

Gerald has a great passion for property.  He is full of energy, vision, passion and self motivation.  If you are someone who wishes to attain a personal or business goal, then sharing Gerald’s experience and wisdom is a compelling place to start.  

I have personally learnt from him, and manage to maximise my net rental yield from a mere 2% to 8%.

- Reno Loi, Accountant

The course helps us tremendously increasing our successful rate in the investment journey and now we know the secret of how the ordinary investor can be transferred into a professional and getting richer in a well controlled way is just that simple!

I will definitely recommend my peer investors and friends to attend this course as it worth thousands times than what we paid, thank you very much!

- Daniel, Managing Director & Investor 

This course is one of the best investments I have made so far and I will definitely recommend it to other people. 

- Lindy Yan, Investor 

Gerald embodies the value of fundamental investment in real estate.  There is tremendous leverage in learning from someone like him who has “been there, done that”, especially for ordinary investors like myself.  I find that he can relate easily to the challenges that I face as a novice investor, which puts him in a great position to offer practical solutions that I can action on.  His no-nonsense insight into the path to financial well being is truly invaluable, very much different from the typical self-proclaimed guru that you would come to expect.  

If you want your property investment to net you extra-ordinary returns, well beyond the mediocre performance that you have experienced, I would strongly recommend that you talk to Gerald.

- YC Ng, CEO of Tasaro Singapore Pte Ltd