The Diary of a Sudden-Rich

How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case. Robert G. Allen – Creating Wealth

My name is Adam.

I am a working professional, with a steady monthly pay check and a 13th month yearly bonus, if not more. I thank my bosses for the job security but hope to retire early. My total savings in my bank accounts today stands at $100k plus and wonder if it’s enough to support my wife and I during our retirement years. The good news is – my home value has appreciated and doubled in value!

 My plan: Sell my home, upgrade to a bigger unit and purchase a smaller unit for investment on the advice of my ‘experienced’ property agent friend. With the MRT coming up in the next few years, I think the price will not depreciate much in a downturn. Years later, when my children grow up, I will sell away the bigger home, take the proceeds upon capital appreciation and move into the smaller unit for retirement.

Invest time to learn, then money

Adam is one of the many people that I know of with ‘sudden’ riches from property appreciation in recent years. Many people are like him. They are employees we see every day who are happy working not-to-lose and turning their savings or ‘sudden riches’ to financial or property ‘experts’ rather than learning to be their own financial expert. Investing their money is secondary. Adam belongs to the group of people known as “passive investor” who invests no time to learn but invests money.

Risk is not Risky

Is property investment really THAT risky? My reply is, “It depends on you.” Be it stock investment or property investment, it really has everything to do with a person’s commitment level to learn and grasp the ropes of learning on HOW to do it right. The comprehension on the PROCESS is crucial. There is no answer to whether property investment is risky or not. It has a lot got to do with the people involved in it. People dictate how ‘risky’ an investment is. If Adam were to put in all his savings to purchase 2 properties today without due homework done, it is VERY RISKY.

Predictability comes with Education

The general rule is: the more knowledge you gain, the less risky it is because the outcome of your investment becomes more predictable. In other words, through financial education, you gain vision and the valuable foresight which give you the ability to predict the outcome of your investment. Coupled with commitment and true frontline experience in property investment, you learn more and gain more. As the saying goes, “You cannot learn to swim from a textbook.”

I am concern that Adam and Adam-alike-people do not choose to learn to manage their own money or learn to invest their own money. Instead of learning, they simply choose to handover their money to ‘experts’ and then hope and pray their ‘experts’ are truly experts.

It’s not how long you take to reach your dreams and goals. It’s how long you take to gather the RIGHT information and tools necessary to take you there. Don’t just dream about changing your life. Harness your intentions and turn them into reality!

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To your investment success,

Gerald Tay

About the Author

Gerald Tay Author, entrepreneur, professional investor and loving father, runs with a tongue-in-cheek approach to property investment - and himself. He is widely regarded in the industry as 'The Common-Sense' Investor. Gerald writes with passion and straight-forwardness, disclaiming wild claims and impractical investment strategies behind lies and ignorance pervasive in the property industry for vested interests. His well-known statement, "All I did is to value my investments with science, logic and common sense.'

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