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Killing the Sacred Cows – Where Property Prices Will Go from Now?

Posted on Feb 4, 2013 in Articles, Property Market, Singapore Property Investment by 1 Comment

I’m a very cautiously optimistic investor, who rather see ‘money on the table’ today, than someone with an over-realistic expectation or even try to make ‘godly’ predictions of an unknown future. As an investor, I avoid trying to be a future trend predictor, a ‘fortune-telling’ guru or think I possess super-power psychic. Trying to be either will simply make me lose sleep every night, worrying or thinking about what’s going to happen tomorrow with so many changes abound, and might even put unnecessary pressure on my limited brain capacity.

Recently within a short span of time, there were many new policies announced by the government, from 7th property cooling measures, population growth projections, future GDP growth, enhanced used of land for businesses and residential, new MRT networks, population ageing, productivity growth, and many more in future as you can name. How will these policies affect property prices in future? Well, for starters, I bet my every last dollar, in the coming years ahead, there will certainly be many sales predators using these new policies as ‘killing’ tools to hunt down more unwitting preys in our rich property savannah.

Firstly, it’s very hard or near impossible to pinpoint to any specific or even a range of policies that may cause property prices to fall or rise per se.

Due to our extremely volatile property market (besides Hong Kong) and being an open economy since 1965, there are many highly complex variables that worked concurrently and we can never determine what affect our property market specifically. Previously in my articles, I remarked that ‘experts and ‘gurus’ in the media who often try or profess to be able to predict the unknown future (and with so much unrealistic positivity) are no more intelligent than you and me. There are huge differences between someone becoming a visionary with the likes of Li Ka Shing and Donald trump, an amateur who tries to be or thinks he can be one, and someone selling snakes oil to unwitting buyers who think it is a life elixir.

Fall In Private Home Sales: The Beginning Of The End?

Posted on Jul 24, 2012 in Articles, Investment Strategy, Property Market by 0 Comments

Tick Tock… Tick Tock… Tick… BOOM!

With the recent fall in private home sales, is it the beginning of the end for the booming property market?

Home sales have fallen in June and in recent months.

According to Channel News Asia, private home sales fell in June, down 19.4% compared to May. This is a second consecutive decline: Sales in May also fell 32% compared to April.