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6 Reasons Why Property Curbs Should NOT Be Removed Today

Posted on Jan 22, 2014 in Articles, Singapore Property Investment by 0 Comments

There have been recent calls to the government asking to relax some of its property-cooling measures as demand for real estate wanes. Mr Getty Goh, director at Ascendant Assets voiced his view on this, speaking at a Business Outlook Forum recently.

He said the government should consider repealing the Seller Stamp Duty (SSD) for residential properties introduced in January 2011, because sellers who are keen to dispose their properties may find themselves tied down by it.

Many people I have met who want you to invest in property don’t care two hoots if you make money or not, as long as they profit from your investment. And the same group of people are now calling for property curbs to be removed because of a so-call ‘lacklustre’ property market.

Mr Getty Goh is one of the few respected voices I listen to among the many industry players, and therefore I believe he does not fall into the category of those “Please invest in property so WE can get rich” group. His view on relaxing some property rules may be a personal view of his own and not for profit interests.

Here are 6 reasons why property curbs should NOT be removed today– at least till a correction happens.

What does the 8th Cooling Measure mean technically for you as a borrower?

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What does the 8th Cooling Measure mean technically for you as a borrower

Source: Mr. Propwise

Just in case you missed it…

On the latest property measures regarding loan borrowings announced by the government,  I’m not a certified CPA or mortgage advisor, therefore I’m using the below article with permission to help you understand better how the measures will affect you technically.

I will add my personal thoughts in my next blog.

From Mr. Propwise, (a good friend of mine)

It’s been less than six months since the Seventh Round of Property Cooling Measures and around four months since the hike in high-end property tax rates in Budget 2013, but the property market has not cooled. Developer sales, in particular, are still going strong while the resale market has been steadily recovering since March based on transaction volumes. Prices also stubbornly refuse to come down – the just-released URA flash 2nd Quarter 2013 increase of 0.8% is an acceleration of 0.6% compared to the previous quarter.

Killing the Sacred Cows – Where Property Prices Will Go from Now?

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I’m a very cautiously optimistic investor, who rather see ‘money on the table’ today, than someone with an over-realistic expectation or even try to make ‘godly’ predictions of an unknown future. As an investor, I avoid trying to be a future trend predictor, a ‘fortune-telling’ guru or think I possess super-power psychic. Trying to be either will simply make me lose sleep every night, worrying or thinking about what’s going to happen tomorrow with so many changes abound, and might even put unnecessary pressure on my limited brain capacity.

Recently within a short span of time, there were many new policies announced by the government, from 7th property cooling measures, population growth projections, future GDP growth, enhanced used of land for businesses and residential, new MRT networks, population ageing, productivity growth, and many more in future as you can name. How will these policies affect property prices in future? Well, for starters, I bet my every last dollar, in the coming years ahead, there will certainly be many sales predators using these new policies as ‘killing’ tools to hunt down more unwitting preys in our rich property savannah.

Firstly, it’s very hard or near impossible to pinpoint to any specific or even a range of policies that may cause property prices to fall or rise per se.

Due to our extremely volatile property market (besides Hong Kong) and being an open economy since 1965, there are many highly complex variables that worked concurrently and we can never determine what affect our property market specifically. Previously in my articles, I remarked that ‘experts and ‘gurus’ in the media who often try or profess to be able to predict the unknown future (and with so much unrealistic positivity) are no more intelligent than you and me. There are huge differences between someone becoming a visionary with the likes of Li Ka Shing and Donald trump, an amateur who tries to be or thinks he can be one, and someone selling snakes oil to unwitting buyers who think it is a life elixir.