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Buying Your Overseas Property (Chapter 1)

Posted on May 13, 2013 in Articles, Oversea Property Investment by 0 Comments

Buying your Overseas Property

The success of my overseas property investments in the last 3 years, has been attributed to co-investing with trustworthy foreign partners whom themselves have decades of property investment experience in that particular country, both as a local and investor.

Never have I bought a single overseas property as investment from property seminars or exhibitions, simply because I don’t trust salespeople with hard-sell tactics for investment advice.

This article is written in helpful context on how to invest in overseas property safely, especially for those of you keen or already invested in an overseas property market but would like a credible independent 3rd party advice with no vested interest in your money.

‘No Money Down’ Properties – Scheme or Scam? (Part 2)

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Beware! ‘No Money Down’ or ‘Little Money Down’ Properties can be more sneaky than a well concealed lizard.

Anyone, including ordinary investors, can own properties easily and will not cost you dearly, either with ‘No Money Down’ or Little Money Down’, so proclaimed by some ‘property experts’ and have people pay ridiculous amount of ‘tuition’ fees in property seminars just to learn from them.

As promised, in this article, ‘No Money Down Properties – Scheme or Scam (Part 2), I am going to share some of these strategies with you for FREE!

But beware! These strategies come with many inherent risks ordinary investors may not fully comprehend.

‘No Money Down’ Properties – Scheme or Scam? (Part 1)

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Even if it’s 100% financed, a bad property is a bad property!

There are many myths about doing property deals. Most contain a grain of truth – and a lot of misunderstanding.

Several printed advertisements and mass emails in the past couple of years have been exhorting that one can invest and own properties, with no money down. One advertisement even claims you can make millions of dollars with no money down in just 24 months!

Essentially, the advertisers would run a paid (or most of the time free) seminars to induce participants to sign up for their property courses that come with very hefty fees in the thousands of dollars to learn their ‘Secrets of the Experts’ property strategies that any average investor could apply with success. These advertisers would also sell you overseas properties on a no money down scheme and claimed they come with high returns.

Scheme or Scam?