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The 8th Property Cooling Measure & the financial implications on Mass Market Buyers

Posted on Jul 7, 2013 in Articles, Property Investors, Property Market by 0 Comments

The 8th Property Cooling Measure & the financial implications on Mass Market Buyers

The government recently announced the 8th cooling property measures to try to subdue the rise of property prices.

After 7 cooling measures and another one again, I think many of us are already immune by now, “Another one again! When’s the next one?”

From my previous writings, I’ve mentioned we do not need a rocket scientist brain to comprehend how hot we are in the property market cycle with so many cooling measures from the government.

As for the magic question ‘To buy or not to buy now’, you would have known by now (I hope you do) if you are going to buy any property today, you will be paying for it very expensively. Unless you do really know how to create a value even with the high price you paid for, or you’re drowning yourself in cash, buying just any property today is like trying to walk yourself across a field of landmines without getting a leg blown off.

Oops, Singapore Property Market Crashed: Reasons for Property Market Booms & Busts

Posted on May 23, 2012 in Articles, Investment Strategy, Property Market by 1 Comment

Who says property market will never crash?

There are many investors who invest in properties solely for capital gains. They are not concerned with making a rental profit (sometimes happy to make a rental loss!) but with making an above average gain on their initial investment. Understanding why property prices rise and fall is very important if we want to make money!

In Singapore’s highly volatile property market, “You NEVER count your chickens before they hatch.” Inexperienced, amateurs and speculative investors only know how to count chickens.  Successful and smart investors count the eggs and understand why & how they hatch.