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The 8th Property Cooling Measure & the financial implications on Mass Market Buyers

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The 8th Property Cooling Measure & the financial implications on Mass Market Buyers

The government recently announced the 8th cooling property measures to try to subdue the rise of property prices.

After 7 cooling measures and another one again, I think many of us are already immune by now, “Another one again! When’s the next one?”

From my previous writings, I’ve mentioned we do not need a rocket scientist brain to comprehend how hot we are in the property market cycle with so many cooling measures from the government.

As for the magic question ‘To buy or not to buy now’, you would have known by now (I hope you do) if you are going to buy any property today, you will be paying for it very expensively. Unless you do really know how to create a value even with the high price you paid for, or you’re drowning yourself in cash, buying just any property today is like trying to walk yourself across a field of landmines without getting a leg blown off.

7th Property Cooling Measures for Residential & Industrial Properties

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Below is a detailed illustration for the additional property cooling measures announced by the government on 11th Jan, 2013.

The Government announced a comprehensive package of measures to cool the residential property market. It also introduced a Seller’s Stamp Duty on industrial properties for the first time, to discourage speculative activity in the industrial market.

Game Over? New Property Cooling Measures Restrict Mortgages

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You don’t need a PHD in economics to know property prices are in bubble state!

On 5th October, Friday, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) announced that it was capping the length of a home loan at 35 years.

MAS is taking this step now to require more prudent lending and to continue to watch the property market carefully.

And Singapore has signalled clearly that it will not lag behind the regulatory curve.



With effect from 6th October, 2012:

  1. All residential property loans will be subjected to a maximum of 35 years loan tenure, including HDB mortgage loan tenures.
  1. Tighter rules will apply to borrowers taking loans longer than 30 years, or have their loan periods extend beyond the retirement age of 65.
  1. If they already have an existing mortgage and want to take another one for another property, the cash down payment is 60 per cent, instead of the current 40 per cent.
  1. Same rules apply for refinancing loans.
  1. Non-individual borrowers now subject to 40% loan limit (down from 50%)