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Dear Ordinary Folks & Property Investors/buyers,

There’re simply too many half-truths and untruths about investments out there that are preventing many ordinary people from achieving their financial wealth and freedom.

These so-called beliefs are concocted by the very people with self-vested interest in the markets to lure unwitting buyers to own that ‘dream’, a dream that mostly turns out to be a nightmare with dire financial consequences for most ordinary people.

CREI Academy Group is a neutral platform providing its readers with underground knowledge related to the property and investment industry.Here you will find information which the mainstream industry does not want you to know in order to get your money through scams, shady property deals, overpaid “expert” seminars, overpriced properties, nonsensical advice and much more.

Note: “CREI” is an acronym for “Conspiracy of Real Estate Investments”.

The mission: the goal of CREI Academy Group is to educate property buyers and investors about the real meaning of wealth and property and why you’ve been purposely fed with wrong and misleading answers since day one;


It’s time to end property buying disinformation.



Nothing in this world works the way the corrupt rich people present it to us. To make big money, you have to steal from “small people”. If a person is well informed regarding a certain subject, in this case building wealth through property, he/she will be able to protect his/hers personal space, time and possessions. This is a universal personal right!


“It’s harder to cheat a man who knows how the trick works.”


Everybody has the right to know the truth when personal time, money, efforts and sacrifice are being invested into a project. When you buy a computer, you know what it’s capable of and you can see how it performs right before your eyes. What you see is what you get.

When it comes to property, this is not always the case, due to the specific character of the industry and often the customers are negatively affected by too much misinformation backed solely by placebo results and misleading claims. It’s time to stop that and help those who don’t know see the truth, which while simple is not always obvious, especially if you lack the needed experience.


CREI Academy Group will present you information about what real property investment is, the buying and selling myths and use real life examples to showcase property is not always a guarantee to wealth.

There’re just too much nonsense and misinformation out there that confuses people.  Most end up broke, not knowing what to do and give up.


What I DO for You… and What I DON’T DO:

don’t share sexy, impractical and speculative investment ‘theories’ for ordinary investors.

You’ll realise through my many articles and sharing know-hows, the investment strategies I’ve successfully applied over the last 10 years & beyond, are smarter yet conservative and practical enough for the ordinary investor to apply. Please Click Here To Read My Personal Life Biography.

I’m don’t run investment seminars, and don’t recruit a team of predatory salespeople to force-sell you expensive seminar packages, CDs, books and properties that promise so-called ‘millionaire dreams’ and charge ridiculous thousands of dollars to unwitting participants.

I’m an investor and I make money investing, not conducting expensive seminars to profit more than you at the expense of your pockets. You’ll therefore find besides many informative articles, educational Hands-On-Workshops that deliver massive investment value and is priced the lowest among the many.

don’t use ridiculous fancy marketing words in my context and content, i.e How to Become a Property Millionaire, Get-Rich-Quick-Easily, Make Millions in xxx months , Buy Properties with No Money Down, Secrets of…,  etc. Why? Because these are no more than cheap marketing gimmicks, and not probable to most ordinary investors in their lifetimes.

I don’t boast and advertise myself as a property ‘guru’, ‘expert’ or a ‘millionaire’.

Why don’t I call myself an ‘expert’ or ‘millionaire’? Because anyone and just anyone… can claim to be one.

I’m just another successful ‘Average Joe’ wealthy property investor who believes wealth is defined by time and happiness, and not net-worth or dollars.

I believe in who I am and believe strongly in what I do and live by 4 simple life philosophies. – Fit, Healthy, Wealthy, Happy.

I don’t share ‘secrets’ of making money.

Yes, you heard right! If there’s really secrets in making millions and becoming super-rich in a short time, I would not be sharing any of it with you.

Who will anyway? There’re NO secrets in making money… period!

The wealthy and successful rich like my late Multi-Millionaire grandfather make their riches over decades through plain hard work, good foresight and simple practical strategies which I’ll share with you in this blog.

Talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words. Be smarter, Go explore my blog, Click Here To Read My Articles and get a feel of how I think and what I do in my investments.



To your smarter investment success,