Live Your Own Life (Invest) On Your Own Terms!

Ignore Everything Else!

As always, the journey to both or either financial and time-freedom begins with three magic words: ”Enough is enough”. Stop comparing yourself with what others have and what you don’t have.

When you say those words with your heart, you are ready to continue your life-long investment journey, which includes 8 basic steps.

Step 1: Understand the Limitations

Far too many people live in a world where everything seems possible in some distant future, and all it takes to get there is finding the right key/secret.

It’s true that progress is more than real if you are willing to work in the right direction, but there are birth limitations that couldn’t care less about your efforts.

Naturally, people never admit this fact even to themselves and chose to eat the massive amount of voodoo contained in phony get-rich guru messages teaching you that the universe is your personal servant serving you breakfast on bed with a golden platter.

Guess what? The universe does not care about you all that much.

In the world of money this means that you can never get as rich as your ‘idols’ because it is both financially, genetically and time-impossible and Newton’s law does not allow it for whatever reason.

Don’t look for supposedly rich people who claim they supposedly done so with a secret technique in unbelievable short time and at such young age.

The freedom of knowing what works and what doesn’t liberates you from the fairy tale.

Beyond funding the bare minimum of what is needed for you to be financially healthy, money is a wasted asset without a deeper target. Pleasures and comfort can be exchanged for money, but not sustainable happiness. They are different things.

Step 2: Don’t expect miracles and patches.

Instead of looking for new ways to get rich fast or slow, you have to stay strong and think outside of the box.

We have to look for a long term solution instead of a patch. I know that it feels tempting to believe in the existence of a sacred technique, a pill or a herb, but in reality, there isn’t.

A lot of people lose their minds in the search for a way to boost their wealth tremendously especially for those who desire it in a short time, and while some methods work a little, such sudden wealth never last long enough.

The next time you see someone’s painfully curated image of success driving next to you on the road, tell yourself the only truth there is. “I have no clue as to whether they’re happy or broken or broke. I only know me, and I know where I’m going.”

Step 3: Be proud of yourself!

Once you reject your personality completely, you empty yourself for the society’s garbage prepared for you by the mainstream whirlpool of trash.

You begin to modify yourself until you suit the needs of the society, and if you fail for whatever reason, you begin to hate yourself again. It’s time to end this.

The less experienced you are, the harder it is to break free from the chains of fake expectations meant to keep you chasing unicorns and flying bananas, but eventually you will get there. It will be hard at first, but it can be done.

Become your own measuring stick for financial success. Stop comparing yourself to myths.

Step 4: Understand that Big Money Are Overrated… [Sometimes]

Many confused individuals believe that their lives will become perfect, once big money is reflected in their bank statements or trying to own something that represent the symbol of high society.

That will not happen because the human life is more than just money and ego base-satisfaction.

There are many losers with big money who are incredibly miserable and hate themselves despite having so much money and material wealth.

Being rich has never been a requirement to be a successful or a happy person.

There are more important elements such as family, freedom and more. If those are in check, you are less likely to chase after meaningless pursuit for the illusive material wealth.

The latest BMW sports is just another short-lived happiness. After a while it becomes just another metal box destined for the junkyard.

While happiness slowly decrease over time, meanwhile the driver grows fat with high cholesterol because he is “too busy” indulging in an inflated lifestyle and have neglected exercise.

Surely the BMW is not going to visit him at the hospital.

Also, after a while, any more money really does not make much of a difference. In fact, more money can actually create more work, more stress and more unhappiness. Life is being contented with what you have and yearning for more may be asking for trouble.”

Step 5: Set Specific-Skill Based Goals

Set specific-skill based instead of money-based goals.

Money based goals are narcissist and short sighted. Skill-based or planned process is what keeps your wealth sustainable over the long run.

Becoming massively rich as a regular folk maybe impossible, unless you sacrifice plenty of time (and your soul perhaps) thinking nothing but money but you can definitely develop incredible skills and get really competent in specific areas you love doing compared to the rest of the humans out there who often get trap in the spinning rat race in jobs they don’t like.

The goals are entirely up to you. It could be learning specifically about how to invest in residential real estate as a primary goal. It doesn’t matter as long as the skill keeps your dream of time-freedom alive.

Still, your goals have to be realistic if you want to succeed. Far too many fail under the pressure of pipe dreams.

Let’s face reality. There are people born with much more talent than us, but this life is not about beating them. It’s about getting better with yourself. Unfortunately, most never realize this obvious fact and look for excuses such as: ”I don’t have time.”, ”I am too old.”, ”I am in the wrong race.”

Guess, what? If you replace half of the time you spend on Facebook and other meaningless social media with practice and reading, in six months you will be miles ahead of your previous self.

This is the power of setting difficult and yet achievable goals.

Step 6: Goal-Based Investing

Choose a better mountain to climb.

One that you can scale. Not just so you can reach the peak. So that you can grow by reaching, stretching, exploring, and even falling – but not getting crushed along the way.

With goal-based investing, you don’t have to fight your emotions to get the investment results you need for the comfortable retirement you deserve.

Neither do you need to constantly ask others, “Is this property/investment a good buy?”

I call a goal-based investment portfolio a “sleep at night portfolio” for regular investors.

Structuring a Goal-Based Investing Process:

1. What is the goal?

2. How long before you need the money?

3. How much will you need at the goal date?

4. How much can you allocate to the goal today?

5. How much can you contribute in the future?

6. What rate of return you need to achieve the goals?

7. Do you have the necessary capabilities, skills, expertise, knowledge and people to pull off the investment?

8. Is it realistic?

If it’s not realistic, you may have to spend less or retire later.

In order for something to be considered valuable in your life, you must have a primary aim playing the role of a judge deciding whether your accomplishments equal progress or not.

Without that goal, the house collapses and everything becomes meaningless and heartless.

Like a beam of light without a focus, our effort loses its strength and fails to start a fire. You have everything and nothing at the same time.

Only when you have a purpose, you can begin looking for actions that get you closer and closer to the real juice.

Step 7: Learn to Say No – Always!

99.9% of foods sold in supermarkets are junk and are harmful to your health and body!

Same goes for real estate and other investments. There are thousands of investments and schemes to choose from out there. Many, however are investments of garbage thrown out by property seminars, investment “advisories” and fake developer showrooms.

Only a very small handful of them – probably 1 out of every 1,000 – will contribute to your desired bottom line and qualify to be part of your personal value goals.

Learn to know which ones are they. Ignore investments are simply exotic, trendy, boasting of “long-queues”, “guaranteed-returns” and too good to be true ones.

When it comes to wealth, I say no to everything that doesn’t support my goals and values. We live in an abundant world — there are always enough opportunities.

In my personal life, I say NO to everything that doesn’t thrill me. When I think ‘meh’ about something, I always say NO. That eliminates wasting time on s*it that I’m not excited about.

Step 8: […....Write Your Own Story..........]

I will leave this blank because the only plan that works is the flexible one.

Your story is different from mine. Sooner or later, there comes a time when you have to kill all external noise and let your inner intuition talk to you.

If you need money to live on, you want stable and sustainable investments that can offer regular income for the long-term. Your biggest nightmare however, is having to change your lifestyle to a more expensive one!

You cannot reach anybody’s goal. You have got to reach your own goal. You cannot reach a goal unless you set that goal for yourself.

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Gerald Tay Author, entrepreneur, professional investor and loving father, runs with a tongue-in-cheek approach to property investment - and himself. He is widely regarded in the industry as 'The Common-Sense' Investor. Gerald writes with passion and straight-forwardness, disclaiming wild claims and impractical investment strategies behind lies and ignorance pervasive in the property industry for vested interests. His well-known statement, "All I did is to value my investments with science, logic and common sense.'

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