Is property wealth a lie?


We live in times when the income gaps between the rich and the poor widens every day. Every day more and more people are getting hooked in the quest for “money” and living the “dream”. It’s hard not to be affected by the epidemic with all that narcissism flowing around.

Social media and other glitzy marketing are popularizing “being rich” while also constantly testing the human self-esteem in the fight for superficial prizes such as: approval coming from friends, relatives, society acceptance and fake online “likes”, which ultimately mean nothing.

Caught in ego’s desires people are forgetting one very important principle – popular trends equal money and money equals trouble for those who don’t know how to protect their backs from scams and evil money grabbers.

More and more are suffering from depression and stressful lives because of multiple failures to achieve the desperately wanted “live the dream” consisting of – branded homes, cars, bags, luxury life…etc.

Like a starving person in front of expensive Italian restaurant, both buyers and investors in the hope of attaining “wealth” the quickest way are paying for irrelevant expensive property seminars by claimed “experts”, buying overseas rental guarantee properties from exhibitions, and other meaningless investments in their battle against “mediocre returns” compared to the real rich.

The property world and industry are happy to help – in exchange for a lot of cash, debt and then some more debts – YOUR debts! They empty your pocket through long-term mortgage debts as they “shape” your beliefs on property wealth and still the results are minuscule compared to what is seen in reality.

Owner-occupiers and ordinary investors are equally affected – home owners want to “see property appreciation for retirement” while investors are constantly looking “how to win with big returns”.

Nothing wrong with wanting to see your property value grow (if it ever grows), but how is becoming a slave to long-term debt helping? You look at all the rich people, especially the young rich people with obvious inheritance or lucky to be born with money and say to yourself: “I suck now and hate myself but my life will be perfect when I’m rich.”

Highly motivated individuals cannot be stopped – especially now when everybody wants to have everything the day before yesterday. However, enthusiasm can only get you so far.

The property industry pretends to be presenting the key to financial wealth but despite all the information and books it seems that many people still can’t open the door to true financial wealth.

Q: Could it be that they gave us the wrong key?

A: No doubt about it, my friend.

It’s time to present the cold and unbiased truth – Sadly, most people with vested interest in the property industry are eager to take your money.

The money in this property game comes from you – the ordinary buyer, the ordinary investor who buys from property seminars, expensive new property launches, rental guarantee properties, meaningless overseas properties and overpriced properties …That’s why you should never blindly trust the self-proclaimed authorities in the industry. They don’t have your best interest in mind.

As the good old Captain Jack Sparrow has said is:

“What a man can do and what a man can’t do.”

If you can get away with it, why not do it?

CREI Academy Group is a blog-site that will present you the available information and let you decide whether if the property is a good purchase or a dud, if “experts” are who they claim to be, and if property is indeed a powerful tool to financial freedom.

CREI Academy Group lets the readers be the judge.

{you decide!}

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