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Renamed & Re-branded!

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CREI ACADEMY GROUP is now known as A Bowl of Rice.

To create better value and sharing with our clients and subscribers, wve renamed and re-branded. Do visit our new website to check out our new private mentorship programs and subscribe!







Why I NEVER Invest with Crowd-funding and REITS

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Why I NEVER Invest with Crowd-funding and REITS

In recent years, Crowd-Funding and REITS (Real Estate Investment Trust) have become popular for investors who have only limited amount of investment funds or those who wants to invest passively.

Many high net worth folks for example, are looking for alternative investments so they can diversify their portfolios. They are looking to take calculated risks, and most view real estate as a fairly safe bet. They are inclined to invest passively, i.e. in a deal that you find and control.

But, that’s for high net worth individuals – People who have excess money to place totally in someone’s else care or whose investment objectives is completely different from the ordinary guy investing for retirement or fund his kid’s education.

When you enter into a property deal with a crowd-funding platform or invest through REITS, you’re placing your hard-earned money entirely in the hands of people you’ve never met in your lives.

Real Estate is called real estate for a reason.

How to Earn a Good Return on Property Consistently

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I’m probably not being modest in this post. Pardon me if I sound overly boastful on the tremendous success I had with my real estate investments over the last 14 years.

My point in writing is not to put readers down. It is to help you understand key differences between being a mediocre investor and a truly successful investor.

I’ve always been exceptionally successful in the real estate “game”. Both overseas and local. You may want to think I’ve a hula hoop above my head. But all I have on my head is my sports cap. Neither am I smarter than anyone one of you. In fact, you’e probably smarter and have a higher IQ than me.

Email from Reader: Sell HDB and Re-invest in Private Property?

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Email from Reader:

After going through financial difficulties over the past few years, I have been thinking of ways to build my wealth in quicker ways other than through the normal monthly wages. Minus personal & household expenses (I have 3 young children), insurances and bank loans, etc., there is nothing much left. I just want to get out of this cycle and gain financial freedom so I attended a free seminar “Owning 2 or more properties with little or no income” which caught my attention. After attending the seminar, I am even keener to embark on a property investment journey.

To cut it short, we were told that private properties are better investment than HDB flat. And to start off the private property investment, it is better to sell off our existing HDB flat.

But because of my family financial situation, I asked the speaker how possible and feasible it is for me to get a home loan to buy a private property. (A brief description of my financial situation, I took various loans years ago on behalf of my husband & his parents and incurred bad credit rating for they have been unable to service the loans. My husband has worse credit rating than mine. We still have outstanding debts.)

Hence I am sceptical about securing a home loan. The speaker said an option is to apply for the home loan using my mother’s name and there is a possibility of getting 80% loan and 30 years tenure although she is a 53 years old housewife because my parents do not own any property (they are staying in a rented place). My dad is self-employed and I supposed he has/had loans for business cash flow.

So the sugeested plan is to have my mother “own” 98% of the property and my husband & I 1% each so as to use our CPF for part of the 20% down payment.

I am wondering how is this possible and what repercussion/implication will there be?

What other factors do I have to consider?

Buying EC Today – Attractive or Over-hype?

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The EC (Executive Condominium) concept was an innovative public housing initiative launch by the Government in 1997 for Singaporeans and PRs to enjoy “private property” without the huge price tag that comes with exclusive lifestyle living.

With a hot and expensive property market in recent years, more buyers have taken to ECs with government releasing ample lands for such developments.

Is buying an EC as attractive as before?

Or are ECs simply an over-hyped purchase?