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What Is Going To Happen To The Property Market In Singapore?

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We know property prices have gone down, albeit an 8% dip since the peak of 2013.

There’re plenty of arguments from “experts” (mostly against) if the Singapore Property Market will indeed face another round of severe price correction – low price levels as seen in the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, the economic stagnation period between 2002 and 2005 and 2008 Global Financial Crisis.

The arguments suggest prospective buyers who are eagerly waiting on the side-lines are looking for answers in the wrong place.

Some arguments have the audacity to suggest buyers, instead of waiting for the “impossible” scenario of a bloody market, they should take advantage of (somewhat) “discounted” prices by developers who are desperately clearing stock today.

URA’s Geylang Rezoning

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On Jan 13, 2015, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) announced it is proposing to rezone parts of Geylang from Residential/Institution to Commercial/Institution.

This is a proposed amendment to the URA Master-Plan 2014.


A reader asked if I could kindly share my insights on Geylang’s rezoning plans and it’s impact on future opportunity for sellers and buyers. Being very familiar with the location, I’ve addressed her questions below.

Since 2001, Geylang has always been on my location radar for great property buys. At the time, people thought I was crazy to buy into Geylang; but then, I’ve achieved profitable and sustainable results from early foresight.

In the last few years, I’ve predicted that Geylang will have major changes in its commercial and residential landscape, rewarding savvy early investors, increase in location prestige, better government initiatives and much more. Guess what? Almost all of them came true…..

Today’s Property Market – To Enter or Not to Enter?

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The ‘magic” question on everyone’s mind today, “When is it good time to re-enter the property market since prices are set to continue their downward spiral?”

The article’s objective aims to provide an overview of Singapore Private Residential Property Market and allow investors, buyers, sellers, etc., to:

  1. Form own constructive analysis when buying or selling
  2. Understand in-depth historical Property Market Trends
  3. Manage risks rather than predict unknown future
  4. Make better property investment decisions

I am a property investor, not a property consultant, analysis or a claimed “expert”.  Like many savvy investors, I don’t predict the unknown future, rather I manage my risks with current and available information. This should be the prerogative for every property buyer and investor.

The 8th Property Cooling Measure & the financial implications on Mass Market Buyers

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The 8th Property Cooling Measure & the financial implications on Mass Market Buyers

The government recently announced the 8th cooling property measures to try to subdue the rise of property prices.

After 7 cooling measures and another one again, I think many of us are already immune by now, “Another one again! When’s the next one?”

From my previous writings, I’ve mentioned we do not need a rocket scientist brain to comprehend how hot we are in the property market cycle with so many cooling measures from the government.

As for the magic question ‘To buy or not to buy now’, you would have known by now (I hope you do) if you are going to buy any property today, you will be paying for it very expensively. Unless you do really know how to create a value even with the high price you paid for, or you’re drowning yourself in cash, buying just any property today is like trying to walk yourself across a field of landmines without getting a leg blown off.

What does the 8th Cooling Measure mean technically for you as a borrower?

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What does the 8th Cooling Measure mean technically for you as a borrower

Source: Mr. Propwise

Just in case you missed it…

On the latest property measures regarding loan borrowings announced by the government,  I’m not a certified CPA or mortgage advisor, therefore I’m using the below article with permission to help you understand better how the measures will affect you technically.

I will add my personal thoughts in my next blog.

From Mr. Propwise, (a good friend of mine)

It’s been less than six months since the Seventh Round of Property Cooling Measures and around four months since the hike in high-end property tax rates in Budget 2013, but the property market has not cooled. Developer sales, in particular, are still going strong while the resale market has been steadily recovering since March based on transaction volumes. Prices also stubbornly refuse to come down – the just-released URA flash 2nd Quarter 2013 increase of 0.8% is an acceleration of 0.6% compared to the previous quarter.