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The PERFECT Investment System

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When your first decide to satisfy your inner desire to build an investment property portfolio and become one of those gurus with “jet-setting” lifestyle, you start doing careful research in the quest for the perfect property investment advice.

Logic says that in order to learn the subtleties of any craft, you have to go to the masters. If you want to become a doctor, only doctors can teach you. If you want to become a computer programmer, you read thick books on the subject written by experts. If you want to become a martial art master, you go to the grandmasters. Consequently, to build a large, or at least a mini-port-folio of properties you go to the property ‘experts’ a.k.a.  Top property salesman, property consultants, CEOs of property agencies or a property millionaire guru.

There is one big problem, however. That problem is called superficial analysis. Every men out there has an agenda. This can become incredibly frustrating in your search for the truth. Everybody claims to have the secret, but very few are actually sincere. The arena of real estate selling certainly does not enjoy a large number of people telling the truth. Thus, the never-ending propaganda in mainstream media has been going on for a long time.

I’d rather have no advice than bad advice

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I can’t help it. I read some bad sales advice recently and have to say something. I’ll try to keep it positive, but my tongue is already bleeding from biting it.

In Singapore, inflation is on the rise, but this one thing is still offered for free – Advice. Every mouth has an opinion irrespective of the know-how required. It’s really funny to observe people taking it so lightly. Simply, the advice that fetches you profit in reality (real profit not imaginary) is good, otherwise it’s useless or might be disastrous.

Why I Succeeded with Disregard to ‘Expert’ Opinion?

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Quote from Warren Buffet’s teacher: ’If I have noticed anything over these 60 years on Wall Street, it is that people do not succeed in forecasting what’s going to happen to the stock market. “– Benjamin Graham

As happens every year, property firms — including property agents, mortgage lenders, property ‘gurus’, and property analysts– have released their end-of-year predictions for where prices will go in 2014. Many pundits expect prices to rise slightly this year, but not by much.

These ‘expert’ forecasters seemed to possess the ‘I know-it-all’ investment mentality and offer to share their prophecies with the public for obvious interests.

Human fascination with the future can be traced back to prehistoric times. People have always wanted to predict the future for psychological reasons (to reduce their fear and anxiety about the unknown). Concrete evidence shows that the human desire to foresee the future has been exploited by some for profit, fame, or power.

Capital Gains – The Singapore Property Wealth Trap

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 Is Capital Gains the Singapore Property Wealth Trap?
We can see many dream-to-become-millionaire property investors on the streets. It’s interesting to see how dreamers of ‘The Next Singapore Property Millionaire’, behave like the hilarious first round participants of ‘The Next Singapore Idol’ contest who are thick-skinned enough to believe they have ‘it’.

My late multimillionaire grandfather said, “The Rich makes money with control, while dreamers always make money on hope… and hope is their only saviour.”

The 8th Property Cooling Measure & the financial implications on Mass Market Buyers

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The 8th Property Cooling Measure & the financial implications on Mass Market Buyers

The government recently announced the 8th cooling property measures to try to subdue the rise of property prices.

After 7 cooling measures and another one again, I think many of us are already immune by now, “Another one again! When’s the next one?”

From my previous writings, I’ve mentioned we do not need a rocket scientist brain to comprehend how hot we are in the property market cycle with so many cooling measures from the government.

As for the magic question ‘To buy or not to buy now’, you would have known by now (I hope you do) if you are going to buy any property today, you will be paying for it very expensively. Unless you do really know how to create a value even with the high price you paid for, or you’re drowning yourself in cash, buying just any property today is like trying to walk yourself across a field of landmines without getting a leg blown off.