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The Top 10 Questions You Need to Ask About Your Property Deal

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5 years ago, I was invited to co-invest in a joint-development of a hotel deal in Singapore.

Investors fund the development costs and share profits after selling to a potential buyer when completed. The equity share holding legal arrangement was 51% for the principal deal finder (finds the deal and raise the money),  and 49% remaining for joint investors.

Returns were promised as high as 15% p.a.

I rejected the deal outright.

Beware investors: Rental Guarantee scam is ‘mushrooming’

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The rental scam

I want to highlight the shocking risk to investors of the latest money making scheme to sweep the property industry.

Oversea properties are being heavily promoted at various property networking events. These properties are loaded with lethal arsenics called “Rental Guarantee”. Many property networking events are now little more than places to market scams and dodgy ways of doing things, but that’s another story.

Email from Reader – I feel like I am just stuck unless I buy overseas properties

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property scam

Below is an email thread I’ve had with a reader of this site. I changed the name to protect identity. I have inserted extended thoughts from my original reply just so you get a better perspective buying “cheap” overseas properties because you cannot afford one locally.

Read through the email and I bet you will find something that sounds familiar. If you ever want to send me your own questions, do so here.

Email Q & A


(Colin, Reader) – In Singapore, it seems like one needs to have quite a huge down-payment (mostly cash or some CPF), and that’s why so many people are buying overseas properties which requires much less cash on hand. For a typical person like me, after I purchased my own residence, it would take me about 10 years to save up enough cash to purchase a second property in Singapore. By that time prices would have skyrocketed.

So in this case, is it better to invest in overseas properties, or just wait long until one could afford a second property? I feel like I am just stuck unless I buy overseas properties. Look forward to hearing your advice. Thanks in advance.


(Gerald Tay) – Thank you for your email. Your concerns I received very often from readers and valid.
To offer a sincere and most valuable advice for my readers, I’m also frank with my answers to their concerns. I’m not here to win favours or to win arguments on what is right or wrong in what I’m about to share. I’m in this to ensure your survival and prosperity against the odds as a small retail investor.

Life NEVER goes in a straight line

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15th April and the year is 2015.

The dreaded time of the year for taxpayers – Deadline to file income taxes!

Filing our local taxes is easy. What’s not easy is filing foreign taxes as a new foreign investor.

This is the second year I filed my USA personal tax returns and yet I still face uphill struggles with it. We have accountants to help file corporate taxes for our property investment companies but personal income taxes can be frustrating for new foreign investors.

Asking for advice from my American partners does not help much either. Understandingly, how a local file his personal tax returns will be different from a foreigner/non-resident. There will be different set of forms to use and fill, alien abbreviations to contend with and a foreign tax language to grasp and understand. Above all, where to file and how to file just add on to the already mind-blogging process.

It’s also a struggle faced by some of my fellow Singaporean co-partners. It’s a struggle, yes. But it’s a GOOD struggle.

Are we complaining? Do we believe investing in other countries will be any different? Or do we naively believe their tax system will be any easier? Or do we for a single  thought foolishly believe we can have our overseas properties on “auto-pilot’ throughout?

4 Outrageous Claims Made by Property “Experts”

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A Business Times article was published “Property Investment Seminars on CEA Radar” dated 23rd September, 2013.

“There’s a need for the authorities to regulate the content and claims by these speakers,” said PropNex Reality Chief Executive Mohamed Ismail.

I openly praised and support Mr. Mohamed Ismail’s statements for authorities to tighten the content and claims by these speakers, be it in property, stocks, or commodities.

With implementation of cooling measures and the Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR), more Singaporeans are looking at overseas properties to invest in.

From a business point of view, it is enterprising for some seminar providers to tap on this demand pool of potential buyers with enticing advertisement claims.

Having spent more than 2 decades in sales with a majority of that in direct sales, I’ve known and used every 101 sales tricks in the book. If you’ve been to free seminar previews, you would’ve known what I meant. Some speakers are in fact no more than salesman than the ‘expert’ they claimed to be.

From my personal wealth background and experiences, I’ll share and debunk 4 popular outrageous investment claims by property ‘experts’.