Are you stuck in the rut or do you have freedom of life choices?

There is a big difference between working hard and being a slave.

True hard work - allows you to keep at least some of your production for yourself, whereas the made-up idea of hard work in our society is nothing but a code word for dedicated slavery.

Dedicated slavery - working 60-hour-work-weeks to produce for others above his or her pay-grade and to make others richer; always looking forward to weekends and holidays hoping to escape the dreaded crucibles; and perhaps a big fat year-end bonus to feed the latest BMW and a big condo mortgage.

And ‘they’ blame work for being too tired for their kids and exercise…

Then why the need to buy that expensive BMW and condo in the first place?

Why do ‘they’ need to get a new smart phone (5 years minimum durability if you bother to take proper care) whenever the latest and more ‘technological advanced’ model pops out every six months?

Why hire a housekeeper ($1,000 a month) to walk the dog it’s the responsibility of the dog owner? Why ask a housekeeper to babysit the kids when it’s the ‘parent”s responsibility?

‘They’ give over-used excuses like no time and no patience. Is it simply a case of plain laziness chasing after material wealth?

Why labor 60-hour work weeks to feed that expensive car ‘they’ barely drive for an hour a day and an expensive home ‘they’ barely spent time in? (Much less with their kids)

Isn’t it a vicious cycle?

Are you in control of your own life and ‘passion’?

People say they have ‘passion’ in their jobs. But that’s only half the truth.

My wife, Michelle has a deep passion for teaching but she left the rigid education system seven years ago from her former career as a secondary school teacher.

Michelle’s ‘passion’ was curtailed primarily by unpleasant job obligations from others above her pay-grade – sometimes unreasonable ones; her ‘passion’ was bogged down by meaningless ‘outside of classroom’ activities forced upon her – again by others above her pay-grade.

She was no longer in control of her ‘passion’ since she is required to produce results for other’s goals than for her own ones.

That ‘passion’ has became somewhat meaningless; instead of achieving her inner desires to do the things she wants to do and be in control, she’s obligated to achieve results solely for others.

Like many of you, Michelle wants control of her own time and to decide how she wants to run things her own way.

Here’s the ironic part:

Do you have the guts and freedom to ‘fire’ your boss anytime you want?

Some people love to use ‘passion’ to justify heavy job commitments even though they may hate most of it.

If you are working primarily for basic survival needs like food, raising kids and to support a humble HDB flat for a roof under your head, that’s perfectly fine.

But if you’re working like a plough horse to pay off an expensive home mortgage and car loan, may I suggest you spent time re-evaluating the real meaning of life.

If it is indeed a real passion for the love of what ‘they’ do, there’ll be none of those moody Sunday nights and Monday blues; chasing weekends/holidays, work-stress complains from job obligations which ‘they’ need to fulfill – whether ‘they’ like it or not – just to redeem a pay-check to feed an ostentatious lifestyle.

People who love their work so much they want to get back to it every single day regardless if it’s Christmas or Chinese New Year and they have no complains whatsoever.

On weekends and during the Chinese New Year Season, I kept on writing my yet to publish book every morning from 7.30 a.m for 4 -5 hours regardless.

Don’t use lame excuses like ‘YOLO’ (Live Life Only Once). It is a vicious cycle for personal justification. Successful people live far beyond what’s today.

Borrowing and spending for social acceptance are the modern-day equivalent of ancient slavery. There’s not a chance of escape to momentary freedom as the iron chains of consumer debts are heavy on the ankles.

Real hard work does not dehumanize you. On the contrary, it builds you up. You become more than a servant of the Masters – You become the Master.

How do you escape from the cages of ‘dedicated slavery’ into the free world of ‘real hard work’?

Is there a secret?

There isn’t a secret nor a shortcut, especially when you are a man of the people. You just have to grind for decades and learn from your mistakes, but even then, there are no guarantees.

And yet that’s the only way.

Of course, some will tell you that everything is easy, and you should just quit your job to follow your passion.

That’s the kind of mentality you find in new age ”The Alchemist” type of propaganda deception books promoted by “pseudo gurus” with faulty logic and values.

I would like to tell you that you should quit your job right now, but it could be a terrible lie. Don’t become a kamikaze because a brain-dead idiot from a get-rich/motivational seminar says that you should only do the things you love.

Truth be told, you will have to do an endless amount of stuff you don’t like in order to touch the things you truly love. That’s a requirement of the system and the planet.

To succeed, even for a short period, you must become a bigger slave to your project than Mr. Average is to the system.

To become free from one master, you have to become a slave to another. This much is clear in this world.

Did you know that the average “overnight success” is 15 years in the making? Just because you didn’t hear about them for the last 14.5 years does not mean that they got where they are fast.

Other than some extreme outliers that might shortcut their way to success, nearly all true success stories are just that: work, sacrifice, and risk.

But Hard Work and Risks May Never Pay Off

I understand that smart hard work and taking on greater risks has the potential to catapult you ahead of the crowd. I am not against it, and I am not saying it doesn’t work.

The lesson then, is you have to be cut out for a life spent trying to acquire ‘riches’. There are risks. There are pitfalls. You can get everything brilliantly right, make one deft move after another, and still end up worse off than you started.

• You may work 24/7 and not achieve it.

• You may risk it all and not achieve it.

• You may be good at saving money and not achieve it.

• You may have an MBA or a Doctorate degree and not achieve it.

• You may be an expert in any field and not achieve it.

To be sure, you will work hard in order to get rich or wealthy, and the harder and smarter you work, the better your chances.

As my late grandfather would explain, “It’s okay to work eight hours a day for someone else. Just work eight hours a day for yourself too… and twelve hours a day on the weekends.”

And that’s exactly what he did, all his life.

“If it doesn’t make me money, I’ve no time for it”.

Your first step – Stop listening to the advice of those who tells you real estate is the best and only path to riches or wealth. It isn’t.

Today people only care about acquiring. We would never ever do something that does not give us something back. As they say: “If it doesn’t make me money, I have no time for it.”

Unfortunately, there is a problem. If the whole point of life was to collect as many things as you can, why is everything material staying here after we die?

If it’s staying here, it must be because we don’t need it “there”.

Too many wealth “gurus” only address the materialistic benefits of being rich, which I believe to be one of the lesser reasons, makes the concept “Get-Rich” flawed in my opinion.

My point is, being rich is not desirable to everyone.

Most people you know always “want” to be rich, but will never be rich or wealthy simply because their “want” isn’t big enough. As a result, they don’t put in the psychological effort, i.e financial and self-discipline.

Others say they want to be rich. Not all of them mean they want to have tons of money. For many people, what they really want is time freedom. They want to have enough money to pursue the things they always dream of, see the world and escape into nirvana.

For those who really want time freedom or the ability to retire comfortably, the truth is, you don’t have to necessarily be money-rich; you only need to produce the right type of income and possess the right mind-set and courage to separate “Rich” and “Wealthy” in two separate boxes.

The latter provides contention and life’s fulfillment.

The former is a box of Pandora.


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