About Gerald Tay – “I Choose to be Smarter, So Can You!”

The ‘Common-Sense’ Investor, Dedicated Author,
Fitness Freak & Happy Family Man

“Life’s never about chasing that million dollars. It’s about finding your true happiness
with your love ones through wealth, health and fitness.” – Gerald Tay

Gerald Tay

Putting my Net Worth on the Line

I dare put my money where my mouth is. – My net worth backs my investment strategy.  Successfully for 13 years, I’ve never lost money in any real estate investments and am financially wealthy because of it.

Authentic Successful Investors (a.k.a The Master Investor): Investments contribute a major part of our net worth – We put our money where our mouth is and investing our way is the easiest way we know how to make money. And it’s what we love to do.

Self-styled Gurus/Experts/Critics (a.k.a The Losing Investor): Investments contribute little to his net worth – indeed, his investment activities are often hazardous to his wealth. Funds his investments and make up his losses from somewhere else – business profits (running regular investment seminars?), salary (real estate professionals), company bonus plans, etc.

So why am I telling you all this? Well, I suppose I want to let you know it is possible for you to build your financial wealth through investments – investments that are sustainable, smarter and logical. I do not possess any special forecasting skills and neither do I consider myself lucky.

All I did was to value my investments with science, logic and common sense, and not play guessing games in Investment Guru Land.

Too much nonsense, BS, wild claims and impractical investment strategies are pervasive in the industry. The very people selling properties are only too eager to dish out ‘free expert advice’ to common investors & buyers/sellers. 

I believe anyone who wants to sell you overnight success or riches is not interested in your success; they are interested in your money.

About Gerald Tay

Gerald Tay, is the founder and coach at CREI Academy Group Pte Ltd, a neutral organization dedicated to empowering retail property investors with smarter investing philosophy and strategies.

Gerald bought his first investment property in 2003. By 2010, his portfolio of properties has doubled in value. He sold all properties (something he dreadfully regretted until today) for an average net compounded return of 20% – 25% per annum per property.

In 2011 and 2012, he consecutively bought 2 local properties. In 2013 and 2014, Gerald structured million-dollar commercial property deals with overseas partners. Today, he owns and co-owns million-dollar portfolio of overseas commercial and local properties.

His writings and property investment philosophy is highly-sought after by major property sites including Yahoo news, Property Guru & Singapore Property Weekly. He has been featured in Media Corp Channel 5 “Property Sense” to share his investment advice.

Gerald Tay has a simple philosophy for his success in real estate investing,

“When you purchase a property, you want income property not “out go” property, so the property needs to have either break even or a positive cash flow from day one. If it cannot do either, walk away from the deal.”

He believes truth wealth is measured in terms of time, happiness and health, not dollars.

How wealthy and happy is a person is only measured by how long he/she can truly stop working without an income and be healthy enough to spend valuable time with love ones.

He lives on 4 simple life philosophies. – Fit, Healthy, Wealthy, Happy.

Devotes his spare time to his second passion, which is to impart property investing skills and knowledge while guiding investors and beginners alike.



Personal Life Biography of Gerald Tay

I was born in the seventies Singapore, a period of common hardship, kampongs and pig-rearing farms for most ordinary people. But I was different…. and fortunate. I was born into a completely different class of family, one that never tasted hardships, smelled pig dungs or even played with spiders when young.

I never knew how living in a hot, crampy zinc-roof attap house in a kampong actually felt like, or how is it even possible to have mosquitoes bite you when you’re asleep at night.

You can call me a member of  ‘The Lucky Sperm Club’, one who is so fortunate enough to be born into a elite, wealthy family, especially in that period of backward Singapore. And we were not just wealthy, but very wealthy. We were the top 1% of the 1% of the rich elites then.

As young boy growing up in the seventies and the eighties, I’ve experienced living in bungalows, terrace houses and private condominiums in prime districts with my mom and dad. (My parents divorced when I was 5 years old). My dad and my many uncles and aunties were very fortunate also, enjoying the tremendous wealth built by my late grandfather himself.

If wealth and fortune has 4 seasons, this would be spring time.

My late grandfather made his riches through various businesses and properties, prospering and taking advantage of the early growth of Singapore with his tremendous foresight.

Some of our family businesses ranged from very well-known local consumer brands, retail and watches. We owned commercial buildings in the CBD area and some even had my grandfather’s name on it.

We were property developers too, owned big lands and built many terrace houses in the sub-urban areas. My grandfather was head of many business communities and was awarded the PBM title by the President for his philantrophic efforts and many contributions to Singapore.

In my early years as a curious child, I would often pop to visit my dad and grandfather at their workplace. My grandfather would always have me sit in his boardroom meetings to learn. He would often impart many of his wealth principles, and therefore I was very fortunate to get a first-hand-look at how the very rich gets rich and what they really do.

That’s spring and we went from here to winter. My grandfather passed on and our entire family went into chaos over the huge multi-million dollar assets my grandfather left.

My dad never received his fair share of wealth, due to a huge internal sibling squabbles, back-stabbings and in-house political rivalry. He died young from cancer, not long after my grandfather. My mom and I had to move into a HDB flat, and it was my very first time, at age 15, that I first experience hardship.

To supplement incomes while schooling, I started part-time work from age 15, working various jobs from being a waiter, wood-cutter, park attendant, salesman, etc. Life has become different and I had the opportunity, unlike many, to personally experience both sides of the rich as well as the poor.

Over the years, I remembered my late grandfather’s wealth teachings and put them into real practice. I run my first business at age 24 and bought my first investment property at age 26.

In both businesses and properties, I’ve successfully withstood the volatile market’s ups and downs of the last 13 years, even beyond,  through my late grandfather’s wealth principles. Indeed, they’ve proven time-tested and practical.

Many people I know of dreams to be rich or make millions. But many fail to comprehend that being rich and making millions is not all that fairy tales concocted in the movies, famous personalities and the media.

They may be rich, but many are never happy. I was born into a rich family, am I to say I led a happy childhood? My parents divorced when I was just 5 years old, my family broke up completely including my dad’s side. There was lots of bad blood.

I can truthfully say it into your eyes, you do not want to be in my shoes if you ever had that chance. And I wished I was born ordinary.

There’re many self proclaimed ‘millionaire’ seminar gurus and so-called millionaire investment ‘experts’ out there today who claim you can make millions and also be happy, shows you beautiful pictures of nice big cars and big houses…..Think again.

They don’t know what they are talking about, or think they know enough of what the rich do and the life they lead. They probably never experienced or fully comprehend what a real millionaire or billionaire lifestyle is, and the emotional pains they kept hidden from public.

I hope my personal life experiences, coming both from the rich as well as a poor background, will bring you valuable insights into the elusive world of the real wealthy rich, the dos and don’ts, the haves and haves nots.

My blog hopes to capture this essence for you through my articles, writings and life philosophies.