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iProperty Asia Property Market Sentiment Report H2 2016 is Anything But

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Always – Be sceptical. Be suspicious. Be different.

Avoid mob behaviour.

Adopt a strong independent thinking and fight the urge to simply follow the actions and thoughts of others.

After 15 years to this very day, these investment philosophies have helped create an impassable shield for my investments; defending against relentless onslaughts from heavy weights of the real estate industry who get obscenely rich from the common man.

As they say, those who control the markets (mob) rule. If you are a small player but sharp, somehow you’ll profit. The rest just get by and hope to survive it. Most are swallowed regardless.

There’s a Chinese saying, “当局者迷, 旁观者清.”(dāng jú zhě mí, páng guān zhě qīng ) –

“The spectators see more of the game than the players.

This proverb points out that a person involved in a matter usually does not have a comprehensive overview of it due to too much concentration on gains and losses, while the onlookers, who have a calmer and more objective attitude, have a better grasp of what is going on.”