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Q & A: Year 2022 – Will it be the next Property Boom or will Skynet rule the world?

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The Rise of Limited Land Myth

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In a recent speech at the Committee of Supply debate, Minister for National Development Lawrence Wong said,
“I think we should take comfort that we are moving forward from a position of strength. Despite our limitations of size, we are still far from saturation. There are still many possibilities for urban development and transformation.”
The government has already stated their stand for land use. And it is not the first by any means. Land use for our little urban landscape has been dictated and planned out years before in the White Population Paper and URA Concept/Master Plan – if you have been reading them.
In short, there’re no land shortage on our tiny island. More than enough land has been set aside beyond 2030 for residential, commercial, industrial, military, parks and greenery, and more important land usage for greater economic development.
I’ve always cautioned about believing in the dangerous fallacy property is always a good long term investment because of “limited land”.

Executive Condo – NOT a Money-Making Pot!

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Executive Condo – A purchase for Home use, NOT investment!

You all know me from my massive posts. If you want sweet words, look elsewhere. I have no silver tongue. I have humility and fear from past experiences and background. My years in the trenches has not shaped me to fight with words.
Nobody should subject themselves to reading Alan Cheong’s recent article. It is literary hemorrhage at its very worst.
Alan’s article is nauseating and repulsive like a parent on excessive drugs and alcohol. His thoughts of EC (Executive Condo) as a “low-risk, high-return investment” is like telling your 10 year-old kid learn martial arts to counter violence is the only way to progress as a peaceful society. But the answer to our problems isn’t more violence.
Using your home as an ATM machine isn’t a solution to your financial problems either.
And this is exactly what the context of his article is – targeting the uninformed, the ill-informed and the greed of “drunken” buyers.