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Should People Sell Their Homes And Rent?

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About two years ago, on this very blog, I began to pound the table a property market correction was imminent in Singapore. All the signs were there- frothy valuations, (Price – Rent ratio greater than 24) record low interest rates, a sputtering economy, as well as various property segments like industrial and commercial that are, by all metrics, ridiculously overvalued.

There are more listings out there, and more buyers are waiting until they make the plunge into private home ownership. The market has transformed from a seller’s market to more of a buyer’s market, but we haven’t seen much price declines yet. The latest figures show only 8% fall in the private residential market since the peak of 2013. The bottom line is the property market isn’t doing too badly.

The Secret to Making Money is….

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What takes you from hoping and wishing to be rich… to actually being rich.

You can try your get rich quick schemes and lottery and gambling and see where that gets you but let’s be honest the quick way is the lazy persons justification of trying to do anything but real work to get rich, but you are in fact just getting other people rich who put in the time and effort to think of these “get-rich” plans…before they go to jail.

In fact, get rich quick schemes are NO longer in trend today. They are outdated as people get smarter – to a point. Instead, wealth gurus today are pitching a different kind of snake oil marketing to rob your money and intelligence,

“I’ll teach you the “secrets” to Get Rich the EASY and LAZY way”. 

Whether the bear beats the wolf or the wolf beats the bear, the rabbit always loses.

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Newly Updated Facebook Page

I’ll be breaking away from writing new posts on my blog for a while.

Yep, you heard me right. And before you jump to conclusions, I want to ensure all my ardent readers:

  1. I’m NOT done sharing real practical property tips/advice  for ordinary buyers
  2. I’m NOT done critising “BullSXXX Property & Wealth Gurus”. They seem to be popping out everywhere like pop corns recently. Tom, Dick, Harry, Ah Bengs, Ah Lians, & “Millionaire” Wannabes so eager to share their get-rich “secrets”.  Those few who did boast about their fortunes weren’t telling the whole truth. Who are they trying to bluff?!
  3. I’m NOT done sharing updated views on the property market

It’s a short break for me after 3 years writing. A break to finish up my newly awaited property book which is looooong over-due and have been asked many times by ardent readers. It was to be published since last year and procrastination is the Number One killer for not getting things done. I’m so guilty of this myself!