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How to Raise a Million-Dollar Property Deal?

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My 10-year old car’s COE is expiring in November this year.

And thus, a few weeks ago, I was busy researching which of the lesser evils I should take up – Renew COE, buy a re-sale car, or buy a new car. Giving up the car entirely and taking public transport is a most likely option though.

The problem is I know nothing about cars and how our complicated car system works in Singapore. Terms like OMV, COE rebates, PARF values, depreciation are as alien as it sounds. Neither am I interested in cars per se. Besides asthetics, power, performance, specifications of a car and the likes bore me to death.

I know much more about real estate investments, fitness, nutrition, sci-fi books than I know about cars.

Would you recognize a good deal if it were right in front of you?

Why I NEVER Invest with Crowd-funding and REITS

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Why I NEVER Invest with Crowd-funding and REITS

In recent years, Crowd-Funding and REITS (Real Estate Investment Trust) have become popular for investors who have only limited amount of investment funds or those who wants to invest passively.

Many high net worth folks for example, are looking for alternative investments so they can diversify their portfolios. They are looking to take calculated risks, and most view real estate as a fairly safe bet. They are inclined to invest passively, i.e. in a deal that you find and control.

But, that’s for high net worth individuals – People who have excess money to place totally in someone’s else care or whose investment objectives is completely different from the ordinary guy investing for retirement or fund his kid’s education.

When you enter into a property deal with a crowd-funding platform or invest through REITS, you’re placing your hard-earned money entirely in the hands of people you’ve never met in your lives.

Real Estate is called real estate for a reason.

The Top 10 Questions You Need to Ask About Your Property Deal

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5 years ago, I was invited to co-invest in a joint-development of a hotel deal in Singapore.

Investors fund the development costs and share profits after selling to a potential buyer when completed. The equity share holding legal arrangement was 51% for the principal deal finder (finds the deal and raise the money),  and 49% remaining for joint investors.

Returns were promised as high as 15% p.a.

I rejected the deal outright.