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Who is the Average-Return Property Investor?

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Someone recently asked me in an email, “I’ve $500,000 to invest. How can I make 15% return with it?”

I replied in just one-sentence, “You’re not asking for an advice. You’re asking for a sales pitch.”

Anyone who asks such silly questions, obviously show a lack of educated investing. They’re often easy targets for investment scams and brain-washed marketing. They are what I define as the ‘average-return’ property investor.

For many, investment management is inconvenient but necessary. They have money invested in the property market, which is mostly in their homes. If they do invest in another property, they are counting on average returns to meet financial goals especially for retirement.

15 Rules of the Alpha Investor

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alpha investor

1.      Understand That Scared Money Don’t Make Money

The Alpha Investor takes risks and savour both the sweetness of victory and the lessons learned in defeat.

The Alpha Investor is someone who jumps off a cliff and builds a parachute on the way down.

There are no guarantees on any path to success in life, business or investments. The unknown is always looming. Therefore, risk and education are often the mechanisms necessary for knowing more clearly if you’re on the right path.

3 Tips for Investors: Capitalizing on a winter property market

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Singapore Investors

Mr. Getty Goh, CEO of, South East Asia’s first crowdfunding website published an article on 10th March in Yahoo News,   “3 Tips for Investors: Capitalizing on a slowing property market”

In a slowing property market, Mr. Goh shares why it is still a good time for investors to take action right now to invest in Singapore properties. The key word is “right now”.

He may or may not have vested interests in talking up the market. I do respect his previous views for the property market. Certainly not this time.

Money is Stupid, Time is Smart

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This week, I want to share some lessons I learned in all aspects of life. Why I decided to open with a blog about money, I have no idea. In any event, on to business.

One thing I’ve learned over the years especially as an entrepreneur is that money, by itself, has no value. It only has implied function.

Which isn’t to say that money isn’t important. In fact, I feel it’s very important, provided you do something useful with it. I guess the best way to put it is this: