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Are Property Agents Qualified to offer Financial/Investment Advice?

Posted on Dec 17, 2014 in Articles, Singapore Property Investment by 0 Comments

Recently, I chanced upon the blog site of a local property agent. She wrote an article dated November 2013, “Learn How You Can Own 2 Condos with $0 cash of your own!”

In her blog, she shared “investment wisdom” how home owners can monetise their lock-up profits from current home which has appreciated greatly, subsequently purchase 2 properties and attain financial freedom.

She advertised herself as a property agent and posted several other articles/videos how to invest in property in a “low risk way”.

The agent has a video in her blog which showcase her as an “expert” investment speaker/trainer, sharing her 4-step investment system to a large group of audiences in what look like an expensive ballroom. And she claims on her video, “I’d like to show you an effective system to generate consistent & passive source of income. A system that is not only powerful but so simple that even a child knows how to manage it.