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Sharing – My Investment Journey (Part 5)

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The Beginning of a New Start (A)

 In 2011, I chanced upon an old 5-storey commercial property along Geylang, Lorong 25 which was put up for sale. It had a gross rentable area of 45,000 square foot and located directly opposite Aljunied MRT at a large prominent road junction between Aljunied and Geylang Road.

The property served 2 main business functions: 1. a popular coffee shop on the first floor. 2. A workers dormitory rented to a corporate company to house their workers on the above floors.

Apart from the convenience of an MRT, the location itself has good human traffic flow from nearby commercial and residential entities – A POSB bank, a super market, and several other convenient stores. Easily accessible, easily noticeable and easily rentable.

Sharing –My Investment Journey (Part 4) The Hardest Obstacles

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Alex’s rejection was one those many rejections I’ve faced in my 2 decades of sales career. Nothing new.

Over the next few months, I worked hard to secure a group of interested investors. I was excited that things seemed to be moving on to my expectations, but unfortunately I encountered more obstacles.

Sharing: My Investment Journey (Part 3)

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From Part 2,

With the initial rejection, I persisted on with Alex and instead, proposed a sharing presentation with his network of investors. He agreed and gave me a 15 minute time slot in one of his regular sessions.

From a positive perspective, this 15 minutes slot reinforces that one very important life principle that makes successful people successful, ‘In life, Success Depends Entirely on You, and not Others.’

In Chinese proverb, ‘Kao Ren Bu Ru Kao Ji’

Sharing: My Investment Journey (Part 2)

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The Early Stage

In early 2010, Wesley, a close USA friend of mine who also a seasoned real estate investor called me and asked if I was keen to do some large property deals with him for the depressed USA real estate market. Of course, I was excited and immediately sensed it was one of those rare opportunities that you can’t missed in life.  USA markets was barely recovering from the recent mortgage crisis of 2008 and property prices were at their all-time low since the 1930s depression.

For our first deal, we brought in a seasoned US residential real estate investor named Adi, who is a close friend of Wesley. Adi owns hundreds of residential properties in the USA and has structured many large profitable investment deals. We could tap on his investment expertise and knowledge as strategic partners.

But, on one condition.

Sharing: My Investment Journey (Part 1)

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All of us have our personal exciting success stories to share.

I’ll like to share with you some of my most memorable life experiences in my years of property investment and business career.

I hope this sharing will inspire you in many ways, to think life is not always about achieving the successes we want, but more importantly, what lessons we can learn to be a better person in society.