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Buying Your Overseas Property (Chapter 2)

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Oversea Property Investment

In Chapter 2 of this series, I would like to provide you with more specifics on the USA real estate market, and educate those who have intentions to invest there.

This article is written to help you separate the ‘Truth’ and the ‘Not-So-Truth’ about investing in USA real estate market, and provide a more credible source of advice than that from an ‘experienced’ salesperson.

The advice and tips are educated below with the help of my partners who are American locals and professional real estate investors themselves with more than 30 years of investing experience in the USA.

The advice given below can be taken in similar context, though not content, for similar large matured real estate overseas markets, like Western Europe or South America.

Buying Your Overseas Property (Chapter 1)

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Buying your Overseas Property

The success of my overseas property investments in the last 3 years, has been attributed to co-investing with trustworthy foreign partners whom themselves have decades of property investment experience in that particular country, both as a local and investor.

Never have I bought a single overseas property as investment from property seminars or exhibitions, simply because I don’t trust salespeople with hard-sell tactics for investment advice.

This article is written in helpful context on how to invest in overseas property safely, especially for those of you keen or already invested in an overseas property market but would like a credible independent 3rd party advice with no vested interest in your money.