Workshop FAQs

Workshop FAQs

What is the workshop about?

You Can Choose to be Smarter. 

It’s a workshop, not a seminar. You’ll learn, do and apply key investment principles that will help you evaluate quality property deals and ensure a safer investment.

It’s specifically designed to address key investment concerns and know-hows for the ordinary and novice investors.

You’ll learn to distinguish ‘Myths’ & ‘Opinions’, often disguised as financial wisdom, and become a better investor. Learn to tell which one idea in a sales pitch is a bad idea or a good idea.

Example, learn to look at real investment numbers and how they stack up in a quality property deal that makes investment sense.

Who will conduct the workshop?

Gerald Tay is the key facilitator for the entire workshop. He’s the author of this blog, educator & a professional investor with a real wealth background and deep investing experience.

The wealth knowledge he shares with you are real experiences learnt from his rich late grandfather and he has been using those success principles ever since.

What’s your class size?

For a much more conducive learning environment for our students, we’ll keep our class participants to a comfortable learning size so they can feel more comfortable to ask specific questions with Gerald Tay and learn more.

Is it really sufficient to learn everything there’s to know?

This is not one of those over-priced ‘Hope-to-Get-Rich’ 3-Day seminar boot-camps, where they ‘brain-washed’ their participants with feel-good stuffs and thereafter, sell them a bunch of products, services or investments.

Your wealth & investment success lies in your constant learning, doing and experimenting. It’s an ongoing long-term process with lots of steep learning curves to successes.

The learning is only a part of the entire equation. The other essential part is the ‘doing’.

As in wealth building, it’s not the quantity, but the quality of knowledge which determines the mind’s dignity. In seeking education, you want the best in quality, and the infinite in quantity.

How different is it to other seminars?

It’s totally different.

  • We don’t publicly advertise free seminar previews with enticing advertisement claims.
  • This is 100% education workshop – Learn & Apply practical skills for the real world
  • We do not engage outside vendors as speakers to up-sell their products/services to you and earn extra sales commissions.
  • We do not sell investment products to our students and earn extra sales commissions.
  • Our workshop is real and effective. We do not organise long expensive seminars, and up-sell you with more products/services to earn more profits.
  • Gerald Tay is a professional investor with real experiences and a real wealth background to share.

Do you up-sell any products or other services during the workshop?

As mentioned above, this is 100% strictly education workshop and we DO NOT upsell or advocate other vendors to sell their products/services to our students.

Do you do Free Previews?

Previews are a complete waste of time and total sales gimmicks for attendees – They are ‘Free’ for a reason!

You can ‘preview’ Gerald’s workshops by reading all his articles in this site. If you agree, like them, and subscribe to his investing philosophy, then attend his workshops to become Smarter.

Gerald welcomes only serious learners who wants to become Smarter with their investments or buys. Only serious and hardworking learners will succeed by reading, upgrading skills and learning the RIGHT stuffs.

Price is what you pay, value is what you get.

For the price you invest in your real learning, what you see is what you’ll put it. Nothing else!

Gerald’s business principles are very clear. He earns his net-worth as a full-time investor, not running seminar business. If his time is available, he would gladly share with those who are sincerely keen to learn and improve their lives.

We’ll only welcome motivated individuals who are sincere about improving their financial lives and understand there’re no short cuts or instant gratification in real world. Besides quality education, real success requires an individual’s long-term hardwork, patience and dedication.

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